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bout the treatment

I have over ten years experience of working as acupuncture and massage therapist.

If you have any troubles such as pain, fatigue, autonomic nerve problems, etc, please feel free to contact me!
(Whatever okay, even you're tired from walking or jet lag!)


Email inquiries would be checked at 8am and 9pm 

I’m not able to take calls during treatment.
If I don’t answer your phone,
I’ll call you back later.

treatment fee

6000 yen for 1 hour
1.5 hours 9000 yen

Acupuncture treatment + 1000 yen

high frequency radio waves

hotels etc.
You can also travel to your place of stay for treatment.
(Please consult)

Treatment fee 7000 yen
Business trip fee 2000-3000 yen
Acupuncture +1000



thank you

Kyoto City, Nakagyo Ward, Yoho-ji Maecho, 707 CHIDA Building 2F

Tel: 075-257-7882

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